South Korea Introduces The First Curved And Flexible Phone

lg-g-flex-front-sides-635LG takes it back to the basics by launching a curved phone to return us to a time before phones became just a flat board.   The G Flex is one of the first curved smartphones on the market.  The 6 inch 720p OLED display has a curve of 700mm, which was decided upon ‘customer research.’  The architecture of the phone allows for slight range of motion between both ends allowing the user to bend the phone (reasonably, of course).  The G Flex also features a dual window that splits the massive screen in two in order to allow maximum usage.  LG claims that the curved shape of the phone minimizes glare on the screen, even in direct sunlight.  A study conducted by LG found that 85% of people, shown a 15 second clip on the screen, said they preferred the new curved aspect the phone has to offer.  LG also claims that the curve of the phone follows the innate structure of ones face making it the most comfortable fit for the face.  One thing people are certainly going to have to adjust to is the location of the volume and power buttons located on the back of the phone, as opposed to the sides.  LG also alleges that the shape of the phone leads to a superior audio experience.  However, many critics who have reviewed the G Flex state they notice no difference in their audio experience.  The phone also has a “self-healing” back to protect the phone from any minor scratches that happen on an everyday basis.  LG goes on to assert that the “self-healing” backs are not designed to heal from forceful or intentional scratches.

The LG G Flex is said to hit Sprint stores this Friday and later AT&T and T-Mobile.  However, these curves don’t come cheap running at $299.99 with a two-year contract.  LG states that by the year 2018 curved displays will be worth a whopping $2.5 billion.

-G. Perales


via wallstreetjournal