Your Girl Cares About Valentines Day, You Should Too!


Let’s face it, if there’s one very important day your significant other thinks about from time to time; it’s Valentine’s Day. Regardless of how she may try to hide it or not make it obvious, every female constantly anticipates about their Valentine’s Day gifts in some form or fashion. And can you blame her? With various ads, commercials, and now social media posts, the world has easily become inundated with over marketing for holidays. Also, thanks to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter , you can expect this years holiday to subliminally turn into some sort of “gift” contest between female users on social media sites.

Where do YOU come in?

This dude knows what he’s doing!

Since last year’s Valentines Day , you’ve taken summer trips all over the world. You’ve splurged on a few designer items. Moreover, you dropped the ball when it came to getting your significant other a “legit” gift being the honorable man you claim to be.

And guess what, girls will remember everything! I don’t know how, they just do!

Likewise, in the year 2014, I’m going to need some of my fellow brothers to step their game up. This year Valentine’s Day is on a Friday, so there’s no excuse. I’m not asking you to take your girlfriend to the moon and back, I’m asking you to consider.

Consider taking your spouse to a restaurant that’s exclusive and has great reviews, primarily somewhere not local. Consider sending her a bouquet of her favorite flowers.

(Don’t End Up Like This Guy!)

Let me guess, you even don’t know what her favorite flowers are, huh?!

Consider that she has best friends who usually receive better gifts on Valentines Day than you’ve ever given her!

Gentleman, in the next 13 days, actually 12 (Super Bowl Sunday cannot count!),  I’m just asking you to think outside of the box. Have a local musician and/or singer leave her a good morning message before she wakes up, telling her how much you care on her cell phone.

The options are endless! The only thing in the way of your significant other and her having a great day is your attitude or apathy. Let’s work on it, and even if you don’t feel so happy about this day, fake it till you make it.

Soon, I’ll post a more direct article of the various types of gifts one can surprise their girlfriend or wife with.

In the mean time, get on your job!