Marshawn Lynch Finally Speaks: Beast Mode

marshallWith the entire buzz about the Superbowl this Sunday February 2nd two players from the Seahawks have been under the media’s magnifying glass.  These players are Richard Sherman, cornerback, and Marshawn Lynch the leading half back for the Seattle Seahawks. Richard Sherman was bashed and bad mouthed earlier by the media for being a “thug” for his actions on the field and trash talking after the game. Sherman having a more direct approach addressed the problem head on through Q&A’s from reporters and media responses. He was able to turn this negative to a positive by answering questions professionally and intelligently giving praise to his character. Lynch on the other hand had a completely different approach by not speaking to the media at all. This approach does not have any positives or negatives but it does not change the public’s view of him. The final question is should he? marshall1 marshall2The media quickly bashes any athlete on professional level for their negative actions but seem to look over their achievements in their sport, as a team player and more importantly for their community. These two phenomenal players will be playing in Superbowl XLVIII today versus the Denver Broncos and here is a quick documentary that lets you peek into the life of Marshall Lynch.

– S. Rogers