Dreams: Elevate To Your Success #MotivationMondays

You’ve probably noticed that sometimes, and maybe even most times, nobody may believe in your Dreams.
There will be times, when you want to quit. There will be times when you want to scratch your brilliant ideas. There will be even be times when your own friends will discourage you, even  beyond belief.
The good news is: Everybody will not be able to visualize your dreams, but I guarantee, when you make your dream, a reality, no one will doubt your abilities ever again.
The Elevator To Your Dreams
James and his friends were on a Spring Break Trip to Las Vegas. The long 12-hour drive had everyone exhausted, so they all decided to retire to their reserved rooms for the night.
They all checked in and headed straight to the elevator laughing and cracking jokes about their intense road trip.
“James, your room is probably smaller than a bathroom stall.” Said Matt jokingly, “You should have just stayed with us in our room”.
James smiled and shook his head. He had spent his hard owned money from his janitorial job, and it was too late to get his money back.  He was determined to enjoy his spring break trip, regardless of how” small” his room was.
The hotel was jammedpacked and there was no telling when the next elevator was coming. Likewise, the three friends rushed to catch the elevator as the door was closing.
“Hold that door!” James yelled, as the door reopened.  They all managed to squeeze on the packed elevator with their luggage.
James and his friends all stared at the elevator lights as it went from floor to floor.
3,….. BOOP!
“Excuse me, this is my floor,” an elderly gentleman whispered, as he and his wife exited the elevator.
“Alright guys, this is us,” Red said towards James, “hit me when you wake up, chump!”
James smiled and watched as his two friends exited the elevator.
For the next 45 seconds, James watched everyone exit the elevator until he was left alone. He exited on floor fifteen, the top floor, and began to walk to his room. He put his key in the door and to his amazement he had opened the door to a master suite.
He ran around the room joyful and then opened the blinds.His view, priceless.  All his hard work, all the overtime, all the sweat from his janitorial job had finally paid off enough to put him on the top floor of the hotel.
Just like James, remember, no matter how big or small, everyone won’t believe in your Dream. Some people will not be able to fathom YOUR DREAM. Many will question your hard work, your sweat, your sleepless night, but keep fighting towards your dream.
In most cases, your dream will separate you from friends, family, peers, associates, and whomever else. You have to realize that your dream will elevate you to new heights, and everyone won’t be along for the ride.
“Everybody will not be able to visualize your dreams, but I guarantee when you make your dream, a reality, no one will if question it ever again.”