CRAZY! Mother Loses 2 Sons in 1 Month Due To Gun Violence!

140203150733-oakland-mother-story-body-story-bodyIn Oakland, California a mother of two[at the time],  named Dinyal New is currently dealing with the horrific story of the deaths of two sons; Lee and Lamar. Lee, the youngest of the two brothers was said to have been walking home from the Boys & Girls Club on New Years Eve until he was stopped, a few minutes away from his house, and shot a total of 28 times. Lee was only 13 years of age!

19 Days later, Dinyal, who was barely recovering from her youngest son’s death, found out that her oldest son (Lamar), was the victim of a senseless gun shooting in Oakland. According to CNN, the mother was so tormented upon hearing that her oldest son had been shot too, Dinyal New had to send relatives to identify the body instead of her rushing to the crime scene. Lamar, who attended a local community college, was only 19!

This act of violence is just another example of how America needs a reformation. A reformation of guidance and understanding especially. No mother should ever have to bury her son. Moreover, no mother should have to bury two sons in the SAME month!

Product of Society would like to send our biggest condolences to Ms. New and her family. It’s time for our youth to understand what’s right and what’s wrong. These preventative measures can be the entities needed to change the present ideologies of gun violence.