Mario Balotelli Tears Up Against Napoli!


Milan Foward and Italian National Soccer star, Mario Balotelli is worldly renowned for his savvy playing on the soccer field. In the year 2013 he scored a total of 7 goals. Some of which were seen on ESPN during the FIFA International Tournament.

Today, however, the 23 year old has been in the media for showing emotion during the A.C. Milan vs. Napoli soccer match.

Some reports claim Balotelli was a victim of racist chants in Napoli. Other reports claim the young soccer star had a rough week, especially after finding out he was confirmed a father.

While the reasons for his tears are not certain, one thing is; everyone is human. No matter how much money one may have, no matter what age; personal situations will always affect someone in some way.

When we, society, learn how to take that into consideration, more people will better understand how to help one another get through this crazy game we call Life.