Exclusive Biography From Rising Producer: Tramale Kemp


This week, Product of Society brings you up and coming producer,Tramale Kemp. The native from Houston, Texas has already been familiarizing his beats via Sound Cloud and made an array of beats influenced by many different types of musicians.

Below, is a biography the promising producer wrote himself. The purpose is to share his journey of how music was influential for him at a young age. Moreover, the story is to provide a platform for other future producers who have similar aspirations such as Tramale.


“ In order to perfect any craft you must first love what you do. If you love your craft enough you will naturally point out icons in and around your craft. Every day of my life I remind myself that these people were once ordinary to their peers. The only difference between these self-proclaimed, “Gods of the game” and the rest is that they continued to be who they were and not who everybody else wanted to be. I am only Tramale Kemp, and I plan on changing the game in a way that gives hope to the hopeless.
Growing up I had a love for music at an early age. In fact, my mom always seems to break out old stories about how she had to drive around listening to Joedici just to put me to sleep when I was a baby. In elementary I was apart of the music program which laid the foundation of my understanding and passion for music. Elementary school was the first time I was ever placed in a room filled with instruments ranging from the clarinets all the way down to the xylophone. Growing up in the 90’s, for me, life was about learning about the instruments used in orchestra, and learning how classical composers wrote their music.
The people throughout the history of music that I consider creative geniuses are the ones that influence me most. Kanye West, Mozart, Daft Punk, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Pharrell Williams, Andre 3000, Erykah Badu, and many others have reached the highest levels of creativity which now serve as my muses. Whenever I lock myself in a room and make a beat I take in a little style of each musician. Moreover, I try to implement some of their styles in my music. The way these musicians created their masterpieces is a process in itself. It takes many years of practice and repetition to come up with a routine of consistently making great music. In order to reach that level I’ve studied the way they operate and kind of came up with my own routine. The way I see it is that they all were once ordinary.  With the right drive and perseverance when it’s all said done, I WILL be mentioned in the same conversation as these greats.
My mission with Blow 3 is to reach as many ears as possible. The more people that I get to listen to it, the better chance I have to influence a like minded person who is going to back my dreams and aspirations. I’m as good as anybody in the industry, and given the opportunity I can become greater.  The visuals, provided by Asiatic Youth,  make Blow 3 visually attractive and the beats correlate to show the continuous progress from each of the beat tapes. With that kind of consistency it’s only a matter of time before I get heard.”

Check out one of his tracks below!