Suicide Bomber Inadvertently Kills Iraqi Students!!

lead_largeA suicide bomber instructor was teaching a group of Sunni Militants in Baghdad earlier Monday. As the teacher was demonstrating, using an explosive belt, the instructor accidentally detonated his belt, filled with explosives. According to New York Times, the militants were from a group called the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). 22 Members of ISIS were killed and 15 were wounded.

The bombs were said to have detonated in the farming area of the northeastern province of Samara.

In a weird twist of fate I guess one could argue many innocent victims were saved due to the detonation. However, one could argue the suicides bombers were victims as well. A poisoned mind is what makes one subdue to becoming a suicide bomber. We [society] have to find better ways of preserving other people’s lives, even suicide bombers. Why? Well it might be the key to inadvertently saving yours.

Life is precious. Let’s act like it.