Why Justice Was Served #DunnVerdict


A lot of people went straight to twitter and other social networks after the verdict was reached by the jury in the Michael Dunn trial. Around 5pm today, 12 jurors found Michael Dunn guilty on 4 accounts. 3 of these charges were 2nd Degree Murder attempts (for the 3 different persons present in the back of Jordan Davis’ car).The 1st account, first degree murder charge, was declared a mistrial. While most people claimed “JUSTICE WAS NOT SERVED” I definitely would have to argue other wise. Michael Dunn (47) will be facing a sentence of 60-75 years in jail. You do the math.

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On terms of people saying the state of Florida was not fair because the first degree charge was not settled, I would have to totally disagree. The prosecutor should have reduced their sentencing to second degree murder. 1st degree murder states that the accusers intent “was premeditated”. Obviously Dunn’s actions were very sporadic and uncalled for, however, I wouldn’t say it was premeditated. Dunn acted upon hearing music in a nearby vehicle and from possible stereotypes or prejudices.

Regardless of how one may try to label this trial, the facts still stand. Dunn was guilty on 4 accounts! Don’t let the media try to tell you otherwise. Dunn will now have to spend the rest of his life in prison. It’s a very unfortunate situation for both Jordan Davis and Michael Dunn’s family. This case just goes to show how vulnerable life can be. Especially when prejudices or irrational notions have inundated one’s mind.