Stand Your Ground Law: How it Varies From State To State

Today on Facebook I happened to cross over a lawyer’s page who was licensed to practice in the state of Florida. The lawyer, as well as other “Facebook friends”, was discussing the imperative need of a federal intervention for states that have “Stand Your Ground” laws.


As a culmination of the events that took place in Florida, I too would have been another “Facebook friend” agreeing to the imminent need of Federal intervention of all states with “Stand Your Ground” law. The Michael Dunn and Trayvon Martin cases have been prime of examples of how a ” Stand Your Ground” case can get very manipulative and confusing for the jurors as well as citizens of America. However, being that I am from Texas I am fortunate to know that many states have their own respective “Stand Your Ground” laws. You see, if George Zimmerman were to have been convicted in Texas, his case would not have even made it to trial!

I repeat, George Zimmerman would have been convicted of 1st Degree Murder by Texas Law.

Why? Well, under the 1902 Texas Penal code of law, a murder with a weapon can be deemed as 1st Degree murder. Furthermore, it is UNLAWFUL to claim self defense under provocational laws. This means an accuser cannot, by law, claim self defense when a murder was clearly presented and “provoked” by the person claiming self defense.

In Zimmerman’s case, he got out of the car and took matters upon himself to stalk Trayvon Martin. Trayvon Martin then, reportedly, gets in a tussle with Zimmerman.

GUESS WHAT?! If someone sneaks up on me while I’m walking home, we will be in a tussle too! Literally, Trayvon Martin was fighting for his life. No weapon found, just reports of an altercation.

Lets reiterate about prevocational laws in conservative Texas. If Zimmerman would have committed his actions, the same way in Texas as he did Florida, and Trayvon Martin had a concealed weapon, Zimmerman would still have been convicted of first degree murder under Texas Law! Zimmerman provoked the fight! A fight where an innocent kid lost his life!

Florida needs a federal intervention of their “Stand Your Ground” law, not the many states who possess “Stand Your Ground” law in the United States. The state of Florida is simply making jurors make a decision on a case that should not even make the courtrooms. It’s sickening and something has to be done.

Fortunately, Michael Dunn’s situation was clear enough for jurors when determining Michael Dunn’s verdict. However, ask yourself what if you were in Jordan Davis’ situation and were licensed to have a concealed gun? If someone started shooting would you shoot back?

Your answer could very will determine which states you might want to live in and not want to live in. As for me, Florida is NOT ONE OF THEM!