Reporter Crashes Wall Street Secret Induction Ceremony #MustRead

In an attempt to help the other “99%”, reporter Kevin Roose has recently disclosed his experience of sneaking into a secret society dinner ceremony of Wall Street “Titans”.  In January of 2012, Kappa Beta Phi, a secret Fraternity on Wall Street, was hosting a dinner at the St. Regis ballroom to present it’s newest neophytes of Wall Street (new members). Many of the members presented on the membership list have been in newspapers and headlines because of the economical crisis faced over the past few years in America.

Kevin Roose has provided audio and visual documentary of his time at this dinner. After describing how easy it was for him to sneak into this dinner banquet, Roose explains how his best mechanism of not getting caught at the ceremony was to simply be quiet at a far end dinner table. As the night progressed, however, Roose was noticed and was bribed to destroy the evidence he had received. Despite the bribery, two years later the documentation has been released. After reading Roose’s article I won’t really say I was surprised about the bigotry and liberal remarks made. I was more surprised at how easy it was for a reporter to document this “secret” dinner.

What do you think?

Below is one example of the audio documentary Roose was able to record.

Neophyte shown with a Kappa Prophyte
A Table Filled With Kappa Vets
2012 Neophytes of Kappa Beta Phi