Meet the Country’s First Smart Gun

iP1Did you see the most recent James Bond movie, Skyfall? Remember the gun that 007 had that only fired when he was holding it? Well it’s here… sort of.

 Meet the Armatix iP1 pistol, the first “smart gun” to hit the US.  While it doesn’t incorporate finger or hand print technology like the gun in Skyfall, it does have an extra layer of identification that the average gun does not: a wrist watch.  Each Armatix iP1 comes with its own black watch which can communicate with the gun through RFID chips built in both devices (the same chips you might in anti-theft tags on clothing).  If the watch is close enough to the pistol, then a light on the gun turns green, and the holder of the gun (presumably the owner or someone who has permission to use the gun) will be able to fire.  If the watch is not in a close enough vicinity, then no green light, and the gun is just an expensive piece of metal.
Although currently the iP1 is only for sale in California at the Oak Tree Gun Club’s firearm shop, the introduction of this gun could prove to be monumental. Given the recent resurgence of the gun control debate in this country, there has been a lot of activity surrounding smart guns. There are already several other companies working on variations of smart guns that utilize everything from RFID chips, to mobile apps, to actual finger and hand print technology. As if that were not enough, legendary Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Ron Conway, has helped fan the flames by making statements such as, “we need the iPhone of guns” and that,

“The entrepreneur who does this right could be the Mark Zuckerberg of guns. Then the venture capitalists like me will dive in, give them capital, and we will build a multibillion-dollar gun company that makes safe, smart guns.”

It would appear then that smart guns will be part of the future in at least some form or fashion, but it is still too early to know how big a roll they will play. Like most new technology, the fate of smart guns will ultimately be determined by the market. For more specs you can check out the iP1 at Armatix website. And in case you were wondering, the watch is waterproof.
G. Mindiola