Lightweight Aziza Marble “Lithos Table” by Toni Grill for Haymann Editions

lythos-table-toni-grilo-designboom01 lythos-table-toni-grilo-designboom02 lythos-table-toni-grilo-designboom03According to design boom, “franco-portuguese designer toni grill has delivered an impressive carved monolith for the french company haymann. crafting the piece from a massive slab of black veined aziza marble, the large-volume ‘lythos table’ references a sacrificial altar, and although built from what appears to be a heavy single block of stone, is actually conceived as a lightweight construction. measuring 110 x 35 cm in size, the table exudes minimal thickness from a hidden internal counterbalance, providing a deceiving visual effect that remains easy to handle.” Check it out and let us know what you think!

via designboom