“Automatic” Tells You What You Need to Know About Your Car

AutomaticNowadays, people love to track themselves. Rather it’s wearing a Nike Fuelband (or any of the other countless devices) to track your physical activity during the day, checking in on Facebook, or geotagging your tweets, people like to have current data. So it only makes sense that people would also want up to date information about one of their biggest investments, their car.

 This is where Automatic comes in. Compatible with almost every car sold in the US since 1996, Automatic is a small device that plugs into your car’s diagnostic port and wirelessly transmits data about your driving to your cellphone via its mobile app and bluetooth.  Automatic will monitor and inform you of gas wasting driving habits (such as braking too hard, or accelerating too fast), as well as track information about your trips and tell you things such as distance traveled and route.  It will even tell you MPG regardless of if you have an older model car that lacks a fuel efficiency display.
Automatic also does things like tell you how much you’re spending on fuel by capturing local gas prices, and will send you alerts about engine diagnostics explaining why the “check engine” light on your dashboard just turned on. In addition to that, if you are ever in a car crash Automatic’s call center will contact you, alert emergency services, call your loved ones, and stay on the phone with you until help arrives.
Rather it’s helping drivers develop more cost effective driving habits, saving your life by calling for help, or reminding you where you parked (yea, it does that too) Automatic aims to have your back and give you all the info you need about your car.  You can purchase yours now for $100 from their website.
G. Mindiola