The Ultimate Top 10 List All Bachelors Must Experience!

It’s time to MAN up! You’re a burgeoning young adult and unlike some of your close friends, who have already tied the knot; you, my friend, have the freedom to visit some essential places that will ultimately mold you into the successful man you wish to become. Likewise, Product of Society has provided you with a ” Top 10″ list of  places/events that will leave you well versed amongst other inexperience bachelors.


NewYorkNYENo. 10 (New Years Eve: New York, New York)

New York, New York; city so nice they named it twice! This populous city of 8.4 million people is one of the main reasons why there is always something to do in the Big Apple. Likewise, every year on New Years Eve many couples migrate to Time Square to watch an elegant ball drop when the clock strikes 12:00 AM. Luckily for real men like you and I, there are an array of avenues to go about having a great night in New York City, rather than the cliche Time Square event. Inundated with bars, lounges, and fancy Galas; bachelors should want to attend an event where a tuxedo is required. You can never go wrong, if you start your year off with a bit of “class” in this great city.

t1larg.coachellaNo. 9 (Coachella: Indio, California)

The sickest music festival in the Western Hemisphere!  This year tickets were completely sold out in just under 3 hours! Consisting of the ultimate music artist line up, this type of environment is paradise for any bachelor. Regardless of whatever type of music one may listen to, the ambiance and euphoria generated during this festive weekend should be enough proof for any young man to want to buy a ticket.

beach5No. 8 (South Beach: Miami, Florida)

Reminiscent of the popular Al Pacino film Scarface, South Beach does not get the nickname “Yayo” for no reason. This upscale area south of downtown Miami is truly a sight to see and experience. Lamborghinis and Bentleys are just some of the cars that flood this area to keep consumers and tourists attracted. Moreover, the attractive women that harbor South Beach will give most male consumers and visitors a reason to come back more than once!

place-1819597-image-file-1No. 7 (Womb: Tokyo, Japan)

Hosted in one of the most advance civilizations in this world, the popular night club, Womb, has been voted the #1 club by sites such as DJmag. Featuring a plethora of optional platforms for DJs, this night club’s acoustics are as spectacular as its aesthetics. Moreover, the mirror ball hanging from the ceiling provides an excellent sight to see! It’s no wonder the populous city of 13.1 million people is considered to be one of the dopest places to visit. The architecture and lifestyle of Japan cannot be duplicated!

the-red-light-districtNo. 6 (Red Light District: Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Though Amsterdam has a lot to offer; most bachelors aren’t going to Amsterdam to take a look at the art and architecture found in this liberal city. Recreational marijuana and loose prostitution laws are, however, some of the interesting examples of what Amsterdam has to offer. As a bachelor I don’t think any male would complain about these laws or lack thereof. Likewise, what are you waiting for?! Enjoy your time on this Earth before life catches up with you! Amsterdam will not disappoint!

South-Africa-fans-at-Elli-001No. 5 (World Cup: Location varies)

Deemed as the most popular/favorite global sporting event, this epic soccer competition takes place every 4 years. 32 teams representing 32 different countries result in passionate fans who help create an experience so vivid, the words you are currently reading will never do this global competition the justice it deserves! However, be careful when choosing teams to cheer for, soccer is not a game for many fans; soccer is Life! Almost similar to that of a gang, the wrong colors can/will be used against you depending on the outcome of a soccer match!

Atlantis_Resort_Paradise_IslandNo. 4 (Atlantis Resort: Paradise Island, Bahamas)

 It isn’t a coincidence that this resort is on an island named Paradise Island. This 5 star resort attracts tourists and celebrities from all of the world. As a bachelor, this resort provides many night clubs, a casino, and beaches where beautiful women can be found tanning and drinking Bahama Mamas. There is never a dull moment in the Bahamas. Moreover, the spectacular seafood dishes are some of the greatest foods ever tasted.

DNA-Paternity-Testing-Las-Vegas-NVNo. 3 (Sin City: Las Vegas, Nevada)

Many people are familiar with the saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. As a result, it is no surprised that this city made the Top 10 bachelor list. The marketing geniuses who created this city , in the middle of a desert, have mastered the art of grabbing the attention of many tourist. Coincidentally, many of these tourist have found to be bachelors and groomsmen of weddings. Casinos, bars, clubs and high class resorts are some of what this city has to offer.

Pamploma3_2270244kNo. 2 ( Running of The Bull: Pamplona, Spain)

Like most successful bachelors have exemplified, it’s important to live life on the edge. Likewise, it was only right that Product of Society placed the “Running of The Bulls” on our list. This event is not for the weak-hearted! Rather, it should serve as a rite of passage for bachelors who are man enough to take on this incredible feat. This traditional event brings hundreds of thousands of viewers each year to spectate this exciting event during the famous festival, Fiesta de San Fermin.

rio-de-janeiro-nightrio-carnival-girlsWorld-Cup-is-selling-seats-specifically-designated-for-obese-fansNo. 1 (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)

 Rio De Janeiro is Product of Society’s #1 place all bachelors MUST experience during some part of one’s bachelor life. The beautiful sites and culture are just add-ons for what Rio De Janeiro has to offer. In the Summer of 2014, the World Cup Soccer games will be hosted here. Moreover, in 2016, the Summer Olympic games will be hosted in Rio as well. Regardless if you cannot make it to the World Cup or Summer Olympic games; Rio De Janeiro is home to some of the most beautiful women on this green earth! Fellow bachelors, please do yourselves a favor and make sure you visit this beautiful city before it’s too late.