OK Schools Require Students To Manage Finances To Graduate

w300-382fab5ab30a969458a6d62337afc9a2After per state legislation passed in 2007 and effective this May, Oklahoma high students are required to demonstrate an understanding of managing finances in order to graduate.  These include areas in banking, taxes, investing, loans, insurance, identity theft, and eight other areas.  Amy Lee, executive director of the Oklahoma Council on Economic Education, states, “Oklahoma has some of the strongest standards in the country.  Where other states require four or five standards regarding earnings, savings and investing, Oklahoma has fourteen standards including three that are state-specific: bankruptcy, the financial impact of gambling, and charitable giving.”  However, there seems to be a problem with the broadness of the law and according to Lee, it includes no funding for school districts to hire dedicated and professional financial literacy teachers; and consequently, many Oklahoma school districts are simply squeezing the curriculum into government, history, and other classes.  Although there are some kinks to work out, we agree that the overall purpose of these classes incorporated into the eduction system is something that should be done. After all, they are things that a student will be using for the rest of their life.

G. Perales

via newsok