This Dude Just Became My Hero, Red Octobers Under Water!

this guy hero

The “sneaker head”  world erupted today when  @johngeiger_ posted a pair of the popular demanding Red Octobers underwater on Instagram. The Air Yeezy II’s (Red Octobers) were completely sold out within minutes a few weeks ago. As a result the shoes have been going on sale for an average price of $5,000.00.


Viewing the comments on Instagram, it is pretty apparent that there are many people in our society who have a pretty skewed way of thinking. The Red Octobers, which were retailed for $250, are nice shoes, but who in the right mind would pay $5,000.00 or more for these sneakers? Fashion is slowly becoming all hype and not authentic. If these shoes aren’t in your budget why would you get them solely to impress someone else? Be yourself. @Johngeiger_ even went a little further by posting a follow up pic of his Red Octobers after many users deemed them as “photo shopped”. Even his message was pretty classy: “Lesson of the day, they are just shoes….”

red october 2