Instagram: 10 Mistakes NOT To Make On This Social Network!

When it comes to social media sites like Instagram, it seems that some users aren’t properly prepared when it comes to certain issues dealing with this mobile app. As a result, the Instagram “world” is now filled with obnoxious profiles, comments, and foolery that need to be addressed immediately. Luckily, Product of Society cares about your reputation enough to intervene your naive ways and help make you a more knowledgeable user of social media apps!


get-attachmentNo. 10 (Group Ratings)

“Seriously, how old are you?!”, is a phrase that instantly comes to mind when I see users participating in this very childish game. A group rate is a “game” where a group of girls or boys rates users of the opposite sex, who like the rate game picture ( similar to the picture shown above) on a scale of 1-10. After you have been rated, the group of raters instantly post how they’ve rated a user back to Instagram by uploading a screenshot of the group message. As one may suspect, these ratings are usually not that impressive because the raters don’t want to seem too generous or nice when it comes to giving other users a rating score. As a result, users who have been rated usually get embarrassed especially if they don’t receive the score that they were looking for. Group ratings are annoying because other users, who are not participating, are stuck to view the various rating screenshots on their timeline. Moreover, group ratings are an obvious example of how bored one must truly to be to spend time “ranking” other users based on looks. It’s time grow up ladies and gentleman, there are literally a million other things one should be doing with his/her time.

get-attachment-8No. 9 ( Cooking Gone Wrong)

This next category is usually geared towards female Instagram users. Ladies, I understand you get excited and want to post things you have cooked, however, some meals are not worthy of being uploaded, let alone consumed! Shown above is a picture of canned corn, white rice, boxed macaroni, and a pork-chop that seems to have a few leeches thrown on top. What did you actually cook?! These types of posts are annoying because it shows users who are obviously trying a little too hard to show something they aren’t that skilled at. Leave it to real chefs before you take a picture of the food you’ve actually cooked!

get-attachment-6No. 8 (Posting Pictures of Money!!)

Is this some kind of joke?! You’re uploading “racks” to get users to believe that you actually have money? EPIC FAIL! Competent Instagram users are not going to buy into your great advertising of “thousands a day #racks #rich”. Sorry bro, that was a very ill prepared attempt! WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU! Stop making yourself look foolish and  actually get a real job that allows you to get a better clientele a more efficient way.

get-attachment-2get-attachment-3get-attachment-4get-attachment-5No. 7 (Arguing Over a Celebrity On Their IG Profile!)

Shown above is an example of what goes on every minute of the day, usually found on some celebrities profile page. Due to the high volume of traffic most celebrities get, one can imagine the many comments posted under neath a celebrities pictures. Likewise, the pictures shown above are a prime example of how foolish some users can be. Literally, users will write a thesis to defend a celebrity who 1) may not even see your comment 2) not reply back to any of the users commenting 3) not even care! Why are you wasting your time on something so opinionated such as music. If someone does not like something, especially on Instagram, just move on! You aren’t Drake, he doesn’t even know you exist! Spend time on making yourself better rather than someone who is richer than you.

get-attachment-9No. 6 (“Free Give-Aways”)

IF IT’S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT USUALLY ISN’T!!!! Every now and then a “free give-away” post from an Airline or Fashion source will show up on my timeline. For some odd reason, a lot of the youth today really believe that if they “shout out” (meaning follow a profile and upload a pic of the company, similar to the pic shown above), then they will receive a prize. In this case, Southwest Airlines was going to hand out 100,000 free domestic flights! 100,000 free tickets…..please let that sink in! Why are some Instagram users making it so easy for spammers to encrypt their profiles and information. This should be internet learning 101, always check your sources!

get-attachmentget-attachment-1get-attachment-2No. 5 ( Continually Commenting On A User’s Profile Who Doesn’t Follow You Back)

Ok, we get it! You see something you like on Instagram, it’s perfectly fine to comment on that picture. However, when a user consistently comments on a profile who’s clearly not following anyone back, that’s when a “red flag” should be raised. In this case, @celineschh only follows .08% of the actual followers she has (236,000). To her defense, she can follow whomever she wants! However, if you possess traits similar to that of @tencentjj53,  you my friend have a big problem! Why are you continually raising someone else’s worth when you aren’t even being acknowledged? Maybe you like to waste time? Maybe you’re trying to find love via Instagram? @Tencentjj53 you have to find a more suitable hobby bro, there are plenty of fish in the sea!

get-attachment-4No. 4 (Embarrassing Yourself)

We understand everyone wants to showcase their personality on a social media app like Instagram, however, be careful when uploading certain pics to this platform. Especially if your profile isn’t private, your pics can quickly become uploaded on some other user’s profile. Once your respective pic is in cyber space, there is no telling who may get a hold of it!

get-attachment-1No. 3 (Proposing Business Inquiries Via Celebrity Photos)

If you’re the owner of any business, I understand how important it is to reach out to people. Especially if a celebrity can support something you’ve created, a demand for your product or company will increase exponentially! However, Instagram is not the option! Asking Drake to go visit your page on Instagram is not plausible. Many similar examples of business inquiries can be found throughout Instagram, some are efficient, however, not via a celebrity’s comment section!

get-attachment-3No. 2 (Uploading Personal Information)

Some users fail to realize that this world does not have your best interest at heart. Likewise, users need to understand that uploading pictures of one’s passport, license, or any type of personal information is something that you don’t want others to easily have access towards. Especially for people who want to commit fraudulent crimes. Criminals will go to social media sites like Instagram to find new ways to get the information they need.

No. 1 (Incriminating Yourself!!)

I really find it hard to understand how one can use a social media outlet to become a social outcast; ultimately ending up in jail! Social media sites are not the best places to upload your personal gun collection or stolen jewelry. Any actions that could lead one into a legal risk should never be taken. However, if you are going to do something illegal, why would you broadcast it on a social media outlet like Instagram?! You my friend have failed at life! Please do not let these mistakes happen to you or your friends. Enjoy the pictures and people you follow, just remember to be smart about what you do on social networks like Instagram!