College Hacker Jailed For Changing His Grades To A’s

19he5rxjdxs4ijpgEx-Purdue University student, Roy Sun, will serve the first 90 days of his four-year sentence behind bars.  Sun was sentenced last week for hacking into the computers of his professors and changing his grades to straight A’s.   The 25 year old managed to cop a job paying him $70,000 per year straight out of undergrad, but decided to go back to Massachusetts to acquire his master’s degree.  That’s where Sun’s arrogance got the best of him and his luck ran out.  Since pleading guilty in late December, Sun has been stripped of his bachelor’s degree and worked as a part-time busboy earning roughly $1,500 last year.  After Sun serves his 90-day sentence, he will complete the remainder of the four years under supervised probation.

G. Perales

via gawker