Crazy: South Texas Judge Loses Seat Over Beating His Daughter [Video]!


A South Texas Judge in Aransas County, Texas has been rejected of his seat in the Republican primary due to a video submitted by his daughter. Judge William Adams is shown on this video lashing at this daughter with a belt because of her actions of using the internet. The video took place many years ago, however, the daughter submitted the video in recent time to show her fathers actions before his re-election could take place.  “I wanted to show my father, ‘Hey, I think you were in some denial about the way you are treating me and my mother”, Hillary Adam claims.

What do you think? Was this form of corporal punishment to far; especially for a girl? Or, are you even a fan of corporal punishment?

Regardless, I don’t think Judge Adams will ever make this mistake again. This video will unfortunately haunt him for a while.