Ayun Bassa: Get Accustomed To One of Hip Hop’s Newest Faces!


Something like a phenom, his current just may be too strong.  Ayun Bassa (CoupDeLa), 22 year old Shoalin NY/South Jersey native is an upcoming rapper looking to deliver something you may not be able to find in your iTunes library.  His unique, abstract flow is something of a young Jay Electronica, mixed with a little bit of J-Hova and the late Frank White, and a splash of DOOM.  Ayun is 2pac’s admired work ethic.  According to his selection of beats, it is obvious that this dude has an immaculate ear for music.  Weird synths and sounds combined with traditional 90’s boom-bap seems to ignite his many styles.  Ayun states that he has been rapping since a youngster, and was known for entertaining many of his football teammates and other peers in high school with frequent comical freestyles.  Mr. Bassa’s intelligence reflects most is his work.  His stories are real life experiences that most young adults can relate to, as well as fairy tales that may have been conceived from a Walt Disney trip.  Recently, Ayun has been in The Golden State recording his upcoming projects “Sincere Sensei: Hugs N Slaps” and “AyunDough” set to release on March 10th, his birthdate.  “AyunDough” will consist of a series of tracks produced by underground beat maker WeirdDough. You can also catch Ayun on the “COUPTAPE” that was just released via their bandcamp along with other artists of the CoupDeLa guild (Chilly, INF, & Homeless Casanova).  Watch his newest visuals for “Seasoning” and check the links down below to hear more from the young genius.