Risk Takers Clothing: Los Angeles’ Next Major Clothing Line!

Today Product of Society has the opportunity to showcase the very popular clothing line; Risk Takers Clothing.  This Los Angeles based company has been established since October of 2010. Likewise, since its birth, Risk Takers Clothing has expanded it’s business ventures throughout all of the United States. Check out their dope site for more inquiries about their clothes and accessories!

CEO: Darrol Mitchell (Mr. Right Now)
COO: Jo Darko (The Opportunist)
About Risk Takers Clothing

“What happens when you forget all of your inhibitions and wholeheartedly follow faith and intuition? What happens when you set the youth free to create, execute and tackle their wildest dreams? Risk Takers Clothing is born.
With no time to waste, I had to take my chance while it was there to take. Risk Takers have to recognize the right opportunities when they come and take advantage of them.  A real Risk Taker stays ready for whatever.
Know your odds and take advantage of them. Take risks, opportunities and control. When the train comes, will you be ready?

Promoting progress from potential, Risk Takers Clothing® supports the youth”

Below is just sample of what Risk Takers Clothing Has to Offer!
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