Glenn Ford: Man on Death Row for 30 Years Walks Free

( Ford in 1984)

Louisiana’s longest serving death row prisoner is now free after 30 years of serving a murder sentence he did not commit. According to CNN, Ford has been on death row since 1984. Furthermore, reports state “that a judge ordered that Ford be freed Monday after prosecutors petitioned the court to release him.”

When Ford was asked if he felt any resentment for his false accusal, he stated:

“Yeah, because I was locked up almost 30 years for something I didn’t do,”

“Thirty years of my life, if not all of it,” he said, WAFB reported. “I can’t go back.”

Though it is an unfortunate situation, Ford at least has the ability to walk away from this injustice. However, in the past some wrongly incarcerated prisoners were not so lucky. Best of luck to Mr. Ford, we hope the state of Louisiana provides the proper reprimands for his 30 year sentence.