5 Reasons Why 80s & 90s Babies Will Be More Successful Than Any Other Generation

When viewing current money moguls and celebrities one usually speculates how old that particular person is and why he/she is successful at what they do. At Product of Society, we define success as “the ability to make a substantial amount of money while doing something one likes”. Likewise, up until the 1980’s there were many ways one could achieve being successful at something: sports, journalism, acting, real estate; the list could on. However, with the birth of the World Wide Web 25 years ago, what many people today are seeing is a revolution in the different ways one can become successful; especially when learning how to use the Internet. So why just 80s and 90s babies you ask? Sure you probably know a few parents and even grandparents that are proficient when computing, but how many parents and grandparents on average are familiar with the various social media outlets on a consistent basis? Do these same parents and grandparents even have the time to check these social media outlets? You see, because the Internet was invented in 1989, 80s and 90s babies have been the forefront of how powerful the internet actually is. Whether it was first experienced in school or at home, computers have always inundated the 80s and 90s babies’ lives. As a result, the world is seeing younger billionaires, millionaires, and thousandaires at a younger age thanks to the Internet. Don’t believe me, check out this list below!


screen shot 2013-12-09 at 5.21.12 pmNo. 5: We Hate Being Inferior!

If there is anything 80s and 90s babies have grown accustomed to over our years of living, it’s that nothing in life is guaranteed unless we do it ourselves. For example, a college degree can’t even guarantee a job that provides a substantial amount of income relative to the amount one may have paid for college tuition. We’ve seen how CEOs have treated their companies for one’s personal gain, similar to that of Enron. We’ve also seen how tedious working a “9-5” can be, especially when you’re working under a manager who’s mind has become so controlled to reach “monthly sales”, you aren’t sure if they realize that it will take 20+ years just to make a portion of what that CEO makes in a week! This isn’t a statement to degrade anyone who works a “9-5”, however, it is to show that most young people working similar jobs are thinking of other ways to get out of this cycle of being inferior. If the picture above does not serve as motivation to quit your “9-5”, then chances are, you aren’t an 80s or 90s baby!

internet-100016261-largeNo. 4: We Can Learn Anything We Want Via The Internet

With the growing expansion of the Internet, literally anything one has a question about can be found on a popular search engine. With the birth of Youtube and sites like Wikipedia , 80s and 90s babies are skilled at finding links and articles most younger and older people are not familiar with. While I understand that non-80s & 90s babies can too learn over the internet, one thing you can ‘t reverse is the measure of change; time. You see, because we are approaching an age range where most people would deem as “prime”, we now have an entity, the Internet, to provide more than enough information of bettering one’s chances of doing something we actually want to do. Just think if the Internet was around in the 1960s or 1970s, the jobs our parents have might not even been pursued. Via the Internet, young people are able to see statistics, locations, pros & cons, at the impulse of our curious minds. It’s not as easy to think this way, however, when you have distractions; a husband/wife, a family, and a plethora of bills to pay. Though some of us are beginning to face these challenges now, we have a smaller amount of distractions than the average generation. Distractions in a sense of looking at the bigger goal: “Is this something I can see myself doing for the rest of my life”? Unfortunately, for many older people this kind of thinking is a little too late. When 80s and 90s babies have similar questions we go to the Internet. Yahoo Answers and similar forums are so abundant over the Internet,  one can literally type a question that someone has previously asked and find an answer to what he/she is looking for. That’s a lot of power! 80s & 90s babies are experts at capitalizing on similar information that can better oneself.

youtube-stars-are-now-making-over-1-millionNo. 3: Many Ways To Get Paid Doing Something We Like

In 2014, there have been many lucrative ways to make money. Though that statement can applied for every generation, 80s & 90s babies have the upper hand when it comes to making money via technology. You see,  because we use popular social networks and social media platforms like Youtube, there are many young people who make a crazy amount of money simply by being themselves! Youtube stars, Vine stars, Instagram stars, the list can go on! Thanks to our knowledge of how the Internet works and maneuvers, many young people are capitalizing on the Internet’s popularity. Blogs, videos, and phone apps are constantly growing popular because the demand of these entities are so great. Whether you want to upload a video about kittens to Youtube or create a Vine video of you and your friends dunking a basketball, if you receive a good amount of hits, you too can be a celebrity overnight! Moreover, because we are of age to view these different social media platforms, many 80s & 90s babies have been able to jump on these social platforms much faster than most ages because we use the Internet at a higher rate than most other generations.

Gas+prices+arm+legNo 2: Money is Everything!

Look we understand money does not guarantee happiness, but lets face it, no one wants to work forever! So why does one work?! Obviously it’s to support oneself and/or family. How does one do that? Well that entity is called money! Despite what anyone has ever tried to tell us, 80s & 90s babies understand MONEY IS EVERYTHING! Whether it’s tuition, taxes, travel fares, gas prices, or simply trying to eat food, money is always required. And in America where we have seen people on both sides of the spectrum when it comes to having money, 80s and 90s babies can all agree that money is the motive! In no shape or form is this a statement to promote illegal activities of getting money. Frankly, we all know that notions as such could lead one in prison. However, doing something you like and making money at the same time are notions 80s & 90s babies pride themselves upon. Likewise, as mentioned above, 80s & 90s babies have been finding unique ways to get revenue and have fun doing so! That to me sounds like the real American Dream!

PSY Gangnam for PistachiosNo. 1: We Run This SH!T

You know why advertising companies are paying young people so much money via these social networks and platforms?! It’s because they can’t figure out how to get so many young people to view their advertisements themselves! 80s & 90s babies are huge consumers for many markets. Likewise, many companies try find innovative ways in hopes of tailoring to our youth. Silly commercials, Concerts, and fashion styles are centered around us. 80s & 90s babies are the driving force of America’s current market. Likewise, it’s up to us to capitalize on the things we like to do and to showcase these talents to our peers and other generations. I mean come on, “Twerk” is now an official word in the Oxford Dictionary! Clearly that should show how much “pull” we have on the market. Young billionaires are sprouting everyday because this lucrative market is up for grabs! Regardless of your age of how you may feel about this situation, it’s time to move around, 80s & 90s babies are up next!