Jen Selter’s “Vanity Fair” Appearance

If you’ve never heard of Jen Selter, she is well-known/instagram famous for her butt selfies. The 20-year-old from Long Island is now making an appearance in the April issue of Vanity Fair magazine, which is a step up from “instagram modeling”. We don’t have any complaints… What about you? Check out her photos featured in Vanity Fair below and let us know what you think. Enjoy!instagram-model-jen-selter-shows-graduates-from-butt-selfies-to-03 instagram-model-jen-selter-shows-graduates-from-butt-selfies-to-04 instagram-model-jen-selter-shows-graduates-from-butt-selfies-to-01 instagram-model-jen-selter-shows-graduates-from-butt-selfies-to-02