Google Fiber: High Speed Internet to Low-Income Houses


Google Fiber has been in recent news for the expansion of their services into 34 more U.S. cities. According to The Tennessean, a Google Fiber’s representative will be visiting the Nashville area to find progressive ways of providing high speed internet to low income areas. This could pose a huge risk for internet providers who base their company off of high cost and average bandwidth speed. Thanks Google!

[The Tennessean Excerpt]

“In Tennessee, 32 percent of households are not connected to the Internet, according to a 2012 survey from Connected Tennessee, a public-private entity focused on increasing available technology in the state. In Nashville, 44 percent of Metro public school students live in households without Internet capabilities, according to Information Technology Services Director Keith Durbin, citing a 2012 study.”

For a brief synopsis of how fast Google Fiber is compared to your average internet providers , check out the video below!