Harvard Women Build A ‘Smart’ Soccer Ball

(Source: Boston Globe)

Harvard Alumnus, Jessica Matthews and Julia Silverman are on the brink of what P.O.S. would like to think of as revolutionary. Matthew and Silverman are founders of Soccket ” an energy harnessing soccer ball” that uses an energy source to become powdered while the soccer ball is in-play. Victor Angel, a graduate of Boston University stated to the Boston Globe “What we typically tell people is that 30 minutes of playing with it yields enough energy for about three hours of light. To get 72 hours, it requires a full charge of 16 hours.

For many countries, especially those that have a hard finding a consistent electrical energy source, the Soccekt ball will provide an affordable access to this necessity. Moreover, not only is it efficient, the Sockett is also durable. This ball is designed to use protective vinyl and foam to reduce the soccer balls chances of getting punctured.

(Source: Kick Starter)

“In design, we try to be conscious of many things. A conventional ball, which has an air bladder, probably would be punctured and tossed in a landfill in two months or less. The Soccket, because of the foam core, lasts a lot longer,” Victor Angel reported.

For a further look at this innovative technology check out the CNN feature of this technology below.