P.O.S. Hero Of The Week: 8 Year Old Boy Pays It Forward, Raises $27k In Donations!

(Battle Creek Enquirer: Cayden Taipalus shakes hands with Howell Public Schools Board of Education)

An 8 year old boy, Cayden,  from Michigan has recently started a fundraiser so that his fellow peers can all have access to hot meals.

“He saw a boy have to put a hot lunch back and settle for a cheese sandwich and thought, ‘I’d like to help.” – Battle Creek Enquirer

What started off as a general fundraising event between Cayden and his mom eventually turned into a donation via a website. 8 year old Cayden’s fundraising event was called Pay It Forward: No Kid Goes Hungry. According to Battle Creek Enquirer, what started out as an initial $64, turned into an accumulation of $27,000!

P.O.S. has to salute young Cayden and his mother on the growing success of his fundraiser. At a young age it’s good to see our youth possessing traits of a leader. Moreover, it is also good to see how his notions of wanting to help others will help his fellow peers at his elementary school.