Mexico Finds 370 Abandoned Children

(Source: The Nation)

370 abandoned children were found in total last week in Mexico. According to reports, after paying traffickers thousands of dollars to guide these children to the United States, the traffickers in turn abandoned these children.

[Reuters Excerpt]

“Each month, thousands of immigrants, mostly from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, attempt to emigrate to the United States, crossing several borders in the process, despite the threat from drug gangs that kidnap, murder and rape women.”


This story should serve to help one realize how fortunate we are in our daily lives. Many people don’t have the resources or necessary tools to provide them a promising goal in life. As a result, it should always be our [society’s] job to help the less fortunate. Help does not always have to mean monetarily.

We hope these children are in good graces, it’s unfortunate that many people will take advantage of the less fortunate regardless of their circumstances.