Breaking: Electronic Signals Detected By Chinese Ship May Link To Flight MH370 Black Box

(Source: The Telegraph – Chinese rescue vessel “Haixun 01”

According to reports, a Chinese ship patrolling the South Indian Ocean has detected signals that correlate with black box of the aircraft (Flight MH370).

[ The Telegraph Excerpt]

– A black box is designed to emit one pulse every second for approximately 30 days.

The area where Haixun may have detected the black box has water depths of 14,000 feet interspersed with undersea mountain ranges of up to 8,200 feet.

Dozens of ships, planes and submarines resumed the search on Saturday, the 28th day since it disappeared, with just days left to find the black box before its battery runs out.

Up to 10 military planes, three civilian jets and 11 ships took part in the protracted search in the southern Indian Ocean for the Boeing 777 which disappeared on March 8 with 239 people onboard.

The 128-metre Haixun patrol ship arrived on Friday at a new search area, north of a 1 million square mile area earlier designated by Australia.

The ship, which can reportedly travel for 10,000 nautical miles without refuelling, is one of two Chinese vessels currently searching for missing plane off the Australian coast.

Military and civilian planes, ships with deep-sea searching equipment and a British nuclear submarine are scouring a remote patch of the southern Indian Ocean off Australia’s west coast, in the increasingly urgent hunt for debris and the “black box” recorders that hold vital information about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370’s last hours.

Australian Defence Minister David Johnston urged caution, saying he had not received a report on the signal and warned that it may not be from the plane. –

We hope this is a good sign for the friends and families of the victims on Flight MH370. Check out the video below for further reports of the Black Box signal.