Dope Architecture: Andres Remy Arquitectos x ‘Casa Acassuso’

Located in the hills of Buenos Aires, the ‘Casa Acassuso’ by Argentinian studio Andrés Remy Arquitectos is a concrete home that is spread across three levels, with a basement formed under the street level that contains a playroom, informal dining, spa area and much more. Check out the pics below and visit here for more details on ‘Casa Acassuso’. img_3_1396573402_74dc0c54a6c6c428ab72cdc6bcc0c404 img_2_1396573402_29aee4ee1d25fbb3c22bfe6cf6fb9320 img_5_1396573402_7d1aecf4f076557c3fda66f2d5742a19 img_4_1396573402_ef1806c78f2e0b2bca60eb4c3ad1a7a4 img_7_1396573402_4c03d23b2fd304acf0b7dcbd3c3b9b17 img_8_1396573402_e1671797c52e15f763380b45e841ec32 img_9_1396573402_8fa14cdd754f91cc6554c9e71929cce7via db