Maryland Next State To Decriminalize Marijuana

(Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D)

Democratic Governor Martin O’Malley stated to the press that he would consider signing a bill to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. According to the Washington Post, the Maryland Senate voted a 34-8 approval of this decriminalization notion. This bill would allow users who have 10grams or less to pay a fine rather than be charged with a criminal offense.

[Washington Post Excerpt]

– -“As a young prosecutor, I once thought that decriminalizing the possession of marijuana might undermine the public will necessary to combat drug violence and improve public safety, I now think that [it] is an acknowledgment of the low priority that our courts, our prosecutors, our police and the vast majority of citizens already attach to this transgression of public order and public health.” — Governor Martin O’Malley

This decision makes Maryland the 24th state to decriminalize marijuana usage. However, with such a quick turnaround (of law changes) happening all over the United States makes us wonder. Are these laws being changed to truly benefit society or is it for monetary gain?

We’ll keep you posted on the next state to decriminalize America’s newest cash crop.