LIX: World’s Smallest 3-D Printing Pen

Remember those days as a kid when you wished your drawings could actually be something more than just a drawing; something tangible? Look no further,  LIX has created the world smallest 3-D pen that literally brings drawings to life.

(LIX “drawing”)

[ Technology Digital  Excerpt]

–“Unlike 3D printers, there is no software guiding the printing pen. Instead, to create 3D objects, you simply start drawing in the air with the LIX Pen, moving slowly as the melted liquid draws out. It cools quickly so that your structure gets rigid. Each filament rod is about 10 centimeters long and lasts for about two minutes of air-drawing. You are required to move the pen very steadily while drawing.

3D printing pen could be used to create everything from sculpture to fine art and jewelry to T-shirt design. The only limit, it appears, is your skill level.

 LIX co-founder Anton Suvorov, told Mashable the company’s 3D-printing pen “has no concurrence on the market,” and the company will be taking pre-orders on Kickstarter sometime around April 14. The starting price, will be $139.95. “–

Check out this video below to view how LIX works. Let us know what you think!