University of Michigan: Why Brooke Kimbrough And Her Supporters Need A Reality Check!

17-year-old, Brooke Kimbrough, has been in recent news for appealing her rejection to the University of Michigan. The senior at University Preparatory Academy in Detroit has been getting a lot of attention for her recent rally/protest on the issue of Affirmative Action.

“I fervently believe in black equality, I believe that our public university system should provide a pathway for opportunity for underrepresented minority communities. I am appealing my application to the University of Michigan not only for myself, but for other black and minority students who deserve the equal opportunity to go to the best public university in the nation.” – Brooke K.

Unfortunately, Brooke Kimbrough has missed one of the biggest underlying issues at hand, and guess what?! It has NOTHING to do with race! Her rejection was simply based off of merit!

US News & World Report of Univeristy of Michigan Applicants (2012)

The University of Michigan has been deemed by U.S. News & World Report and multiple sources as a “most selective” school. Likewise, this means the University of Michigan has a lot of applicants each year, but yields a low acceptance rate. Moreover, as a tier 1 school, this also means the acceptance rank of University of Michigan’s freshman class is very competitive. According to College Apps, the average freshman admitted has an ACT score of about 29. Also, the average GPA is in the 3.8-3.9 range.

Why does this matter?

Well, Brooke Kimbrough has a 3.6 GPA and n score of 23. Also, she claims that University of Michigan does not represent the amount of African-Americans present in the state of Michigan.

“Blacks are about 14% of the population, so it should be 14% roughly”, Brooke Kimbrough told reporters.

You see, Brooke Kimbrough has a flawed way of thinking. For starters, University of Michigan’s population for White students isn’t nearly close to the state of Michigan’s White population. Secondly, her GPA and ACT score do not match the statistics of the average acceptance of a University of Michigan student.

The problem I have with Brooke Kimbrough is that she clearly knows that her academic performance does not match that of the University of Michigan and she does not seem to care. Instead, her and her supporters want to use race as the underlying “issue” that neglected Kimbrough’s acceptance.

 Affirmative Action was set in place to give minorities, who had the criteria and merit to get into jobs, public schools, or environments, a fair chance; not to give out “freebies”! In fact, this type of equity plan (Affirmative Action) has ironically turned into reverse discrimination on non-minority AND minority students/applicants who actually have had the scores and merit to get into their respective University or public work place.

For example, a friend of mine attended a private high school in Texas that excelled in academic excellence. The University of Texas, who also is familiar with Affirmative Action cases, implemented a rule that the top 10% of each public high school is guaranteed automatic admission to the University of Texas or any of the UT branches As a result, (x) amount of Texas’ freshman class will already be decided simply on the ranking of one’s public high school. Though my friend was not in the top 10% of his private school (he was in the 15th percentile), he had SAT scores and a GPA that got him accepted into many Ivy Leagues and very selective Universities. Moreover, he had SAT scores and GPA that would’ve placed him in the top 5% of any public high school in Texas. Unfortunately, he was a little flummoxed when he found out about not getting into a certain school.

Guess what school that was?

Yup,  you guessed it, the University of Texas!

He was not only a black applicant, but he had “above-average” merits to get him into the University of Texas who rejected him! This type of case might have been a  more plausible case for someone like the Supreme Court to overturn, however, my friend did not even want to take that route. He simply went to a great Ivy League and excelled at his respective school.

You see, the point of the aforementioned story is to show that Affirmative Action is not only reverse discriminative against non-minorities and minorities alike, Affirmative Action is discriminative for anyone who has the merit to matriculate into these universities. Cases such as Brooke Kimbrough bring down the clout of African-American high schoolers who get into selective schools because many of their peers, in college, will believe Affirmative Action was their only way of getting accepted. This type of thinking is not only insulting, but it can be frustrating to have someone believe you are at a school thanks to a quota and not merit. Coincidentally, Brooke Kimbrough is knowingly trying to get accepted on a merit she doesn’t quite meet, and that is not acceptable.

This does not mean Brooke Kimbrough isn’t competent. This does not mean she won’t be successful in any of her endeavors. It simply means the University of Michigan was not the school for her.

So please Brooke Kimbrough, do everyone a favor and cease your rant about race. The University of Michigan simply was not the best school for you. If you really believe that the University of Michigan made a mistake, go to another university and excel in ways that the University of Michigan will be embarrassed for passing your application by.

Remember it’s not where you start, it’s where you finish!