Joseph Clayborne: 2014 NFL Draft Quickly Approaching

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A few months ago we brought you an article about 25 year old Joseph Clayborne and his journey to the NFL Draft as a new agent. Though it hasn’t even been a year since his certification as an agent, Clayborne is only two days away from having his first client, Kony Ealy, sign to an NFL team. Likewise, before the NFL Draft commences, it was only right that we shared a Q&A of Joseph Clayborne and Kony Ealy’s journey to the big stage!

Kony Ealy in the media

With the NFL Draft quickly approaching, what transitions have been made since the last time we spoke?

You learn a lot and talk to different scouts from different teams. Through this process, I have learned that scouts appreciate Kony’s “scheme versatility”; he can be played as an Outside Linebacker or a Defensive tackle.

Looking at a recent comparison of Ealy and Clowney, one could infer that Kony is actually the better athlete, do you think Jadeveon is overhyped?

I don’t think Clowney is overhyped, he’s a great player. However, Kony may not get the recognition he deserves. It’s going to be interesting to see how both athletes do in the upcoming draft.

When compared to other agents, how do you think you’ve fared thus far given the amount of time you’ve been certified as an agent?

Though there are always things I can approve on, I am said to be at the top of my agent class; which is anyone that has gotten their certification within the last year. This can be attributed to my great client, Kony Ealy.

In what ways have you seen yourself able to relate to athletes in ways most agents cannot?

The majority of agents are middle-aged; me being young allows me to relate to many athletes on a personal level. Also, having an M.B.A. and a soon to be Juris Doctorate, I can provide information to my clients from both a business and legal standpoint.

Has Kony Ealy gotten any special recognition due to his performance at the Combine and Mizzou Pro Day?

Yea actually he’s been in the NFL green screen room;  one of six players chosen to be in the official NFL Draft Commercials. He’s also one of three Defensive Lineman that was featured in the NFL Network Game Changers.

Word, that’s pretty cool. With your graduation in 12 Days, what are your plans after Law School?

1) I want to help Kony get acclimated to the NFL and his future with his respective team. 2) Begin plans on using this upcoming summer to start my own sports representation firm. 3) Begin to recruit players for future partnerships with athletes.

Kony Ealy signing a football for a young Mizzou fan

Best of luck to Kony Ealy and Joseph Clayborne at the upcoming 2014 NFL Draft. We’ll be sure to update our viewers with the results of the NFL draft ASAP. Until then, check out the video below and see some of the entities that motivate Kony Ealy on and off the field. 

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