Meet Nosa Odigie: Creator of High Fashion’s Newest Rival Nzuri Almasi

When one usually thinks about fashion moguls, popular names such as Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin, Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren may come to mind. Today, however, you need to familiarize yourself with upcoming fashion designer , Nosa Odigie. Reigning from the nation’s capital, Washington D.C., this fashion enthusiast has already created a fashion line that many people, celebrities and athletes alike, are already growing accustomed to wearing. Nzuri Almasi prides itself on using luxurious hand-crafted garments for both men and women. In fact, some of these garments encompass python scales to give its wearers a contemporary look. Check out the Q & A below to see how this young entrepreneur is becoming a trendsetter for fashion lovers across the world.
(Artists Future and Wife Ciara, Future shown wearing oxford Nzuri Almasi Shirt)
Where do you attend school, and in what field did you receive your degree?

I recently graduated  from Hampton University  with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.

Congrats on your recent graduation. So tell me, when did you first have aspirations of owning your own clothing company ?

My first aspiration of forming a clothing line began the summer of 2012. After pondering with my business partner and co-founder of Nzuri Almasi about different business ventures, the most attainable idea turned out to be creating a clothing line. More so, due to our similar common interest of fashion and aesthetics, Nzuri Almasi was then born.
When did your company first launch and where?
Nzuri Almasi unofficially launched in the summer of 2012 with a few samples and concept t-shirt sold in Washington, DC. Our first official collection debuted December 2013.
Owning your own clothing line is a hard business to break into, how have you overcome adversities to get into this field?
In today’s word, to be successful in any industry is a challenge if proper planning and preparation isn’t formed within its foundation. Patience is definitely a key component to my accomplishments thus far. Early on, many mistakes were made, however, they have added a lot of insight on what changes where necessary to better us (Nzuri Almasi) substantially.
What was one of your most difficult set backs with your company thus far and how did you overcome it? 

One of the most difficult problems my company has faced would be our turn-around time on productivity. We fixed this by having our products manufactured not only in Virginia,while we were currently in school, but also New York City.

What separates Nzuri Almasi from other clothing lines?
Nzuri Almasi is a brand and what separates us from other clothing line is that we are creating garments that evoke feeling amongst people who purchase and view our work. I consider myself an artist and every piece we design is our chance to speak and interact with people around the globe through a medium called fashion. Fashion enthusiast  have  common interests like myself, we wish to express ourselves in ambiguous and artistic ways. Not every person perceives a shirt on a hanger with the same message one may perceive wearing Nzuri Almasi. Honestly, I can say every person who has bought or worked  in conjunction with me has that same vision of fashion as I do.
What are some of the type of materials you specialize in when making your products?

In out debut collection we place a heavy emphasis on  incorporating  luxury hides such as grade-A-genuine-python hides to embody the subtle yet beauty in our collection. In our upcoming  spring/summer collection we will be incorporating a lot of new materials such as mesh, silk, nylon, denim and continue the trend of python as well. I’m excited to display what we have been working on to follow up our debut collection stemming from last season.

How has Nzuri Almasi progressed from its initial start-up?

When I think about it, we have progressed a good deal in the past few years of going from just an idea to a tangible venture. Also the quality of our material shifted from faux material to genuine python hides. Our garments have been  constructed in the garment district in New York City by the same patent makers who create for opening ceremonies and Marc Jacobs.

You’re pretty young, yet already making big moves in the clothing industry, what has been the most important value you have learned on your journey thus far?

The most important value I’ve gained thus far is faith. I can always imagine great accomplishments  for myself and the company, but not everyone will see it your way. The biggest thing is to not let others deviate you from your aspirations.

That’s definitely a great answer! Are there any celebs or artists that have made purchases with your company?

Most recently we have had rapper Future wear our Python Cotton Oxford and Rudy Gay wear our Python Oxford which both ares available via In our initial start up, where we distributed our concept t-shirt called “Mercy”, we sold to several different NFL athletes; this included Aj Green and Justin Houston both NFL Pro bowlers.

NBA Player Rudy Gay shown wearing Oxford Python via Nzuri Almasi
What has been your favorite Nzuri Almasi creation thus far?

My favorite Nzuri Almasi creation thus far?! Sheesh that’s a hard one! I’ll  provide my top three:

First,  I have to go with the Python Oxford because it just makes such a bold statement. This is an  essential piece in my current wardrobe
 Second, I would have to go with the python contrast bomber.  I took a gamble with the opposite color sleeves but the concept came out to be dope!
Third,I have to say the python oversize t shirt. The gray on gray display can only be seen on this piece throughout our entire collection.
What are some of the future goals of your company? 
Some future goals of my company are to keep expanding our support base and continue to create wearable art for people who desire luxury apparel. We would like to continue incorporating hides into our garments. Also we want to grow our yield optimization based on the productivity of the materials used in contemporary fashion.
Any words of wisdom for future entrepreneurs who want to create a clothing brand business?

The foundation is key, your vision will only be as big as your mind encompasses.

Python Oxford
Python over sized T-shirt
Python button-up