38,000 Liters of Oil Spilled In Los Angeles Streets!

Source: BBC

According to BBC News, 10,000 gallons (38,000 Liters) have been spilled in the streets of Los Angeles. Crude oil is not only flammable, but hazardous to one’s health because of the hydrocarbons that make up it’s composition.

[BBC Excerpt]

–A geyser shot crude oil 20 feet into the air, and over an area half a mile (0.8km) in length, the LAFD added in a statement.

The oil line was remotely shut off, and by 0600 local time (1400 BST) most of the oil had been vacuumed.

Four people reported breathing problems and two went to hospital.

A few commercial businesses were affected and a strip club was evacuated.–


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