Lil Wayne’s Top 5 Best Mixtapes of All Time

In honor of Lil Wayne’s upcoming release of Tha Carter V , Wayne’s last album, we had to reminisce about the various productions the New Orleans rapper has provided the rap game thus far. Likewise, it was only right for us to put together a compilation of Lil Wayne’s top 5 mixtapes of all time. Though it wasn’t an easy decision, we’re confident this is a list every Wayne fan can agree on!



(No. 5 x Sorry 4 The Wait)

To promote his upcoming album, Tha Carter IV, Lil Wayne dropped this mixtape the summer of 2011. Though this mixtape was shorter (in length) than most, the tracks dropped on this tape were pretty sick!

Top Songs: 1. Rollin’ (Freestyle) 2. Throwed Off ft. Gudda Gudda 3. Racks

(No. 4 x Lil Weezy Ana)

A few months after dropping the Dedication 2, Wayne took his music back to where it all started, the heart of New Orleans. Featuring Dj Raj Smoove, this classic Lil Wayne mixtape provided a ‘Nola bounce vibe any southern listener would be happy to relate with.

Top Songs: 1. David Banner 2. I’m The Man 3. N*gga Wit Money

(No. 3 x No Ceilings)

After falling off a little bit, Wayne bounced back in 2009 with a 21 track mixtape. No Ceilings was very relevant during its initial release because the songs Lil Wayne rapped over were all bangers themselves. Just when you thought those songs couldn’t get any better, Wayne had to steal the show, No Ceilings was a masterpiece!

Top Songs: 1. Watch My Shoes 2. Oh Let’s Do it 3. Single

(No. 2 x Da Drought 3)

One of the best mixtapes to come out of this rap era, Da Drought 3 was a two-disc mixtape that dropped in the year of 2007. Radio airways were most likely getting no play thanks to this mixtape being present in every rap enthusiast’s car. In fact, most people are familiar with Da Drought 3 mixes more than the actual original song! If you aren’t familiar with this mixtape, I don’t see how you can call yourself a true Lil Wayne fan!

Top Songs: 1. Seat Down Low 2. Promise 3. Back on My Grizzy

(No. 1 x Dedication 2)

Fueled by the horrible disaster and damage left by Hurricane Katrina, Lil Wayne put his heart and soul into this epic mixtape in 2006. With  the city of New Orleans and his native people on his mind, this mixtape was one of Lil Wayne’s most boastful projects. And as it should, this mixtape can go toe-to-toe with any artist’s best project. Dedication 2 will forever be Lil Wayne’s best mixtape ever made!

Top Songs: 1. Cannon 2. Workin Em 3. Spitter 4. Where The Cash At 5. No Other