Brazilian Artists Express Oppositions Over FIFA World Cup

Though the World Cup is usually a time of excitement for the various 32 countries and nations participating, for one team many citizens are feeling just the opposite. For host team Brazil, approximately 1 million people have protested last year in the streets of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo for the money being spent on transportation and commerce. These actions have greatly angered many Brazilians because of the poor infrastructure and education many children and adults have to undergo on a daily basis unlike the billions being spent on the World Cup games. Before you view the pictures via Brazilian street artists, check out this video below of why some people are boycotting this year’s World cup. graffiti-3 graffiti-8 graffiti-1 graffiti-6 graffiti-4 graffiti-5 graffiti-7 graffiti-9 graffiti-2


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