Creative & Controversial: Elektra KB Art

Elektra KB exhibits her fantasy world, where “gender is the source of all fatal conflict.” Her works are beautiful & controversial, which makes it very intriguing. Browse through the gallery below and visit here to view more of the artist’s work.ekb-Catatumbo_1024-620x580 ekb-agonism_1024-633x580 ekb-_900w_1024-774x580 ekb-y-II_flat_1024_1024900w_1024-818x580 ekb-ion-in-colonized-territory-II_1024_1024900w_1024-848x580 ekb-e-theocratic-republic-of-gaia_700px-386x580 ekb-b_gif_04 ekb-der-queer-beings-web-341x580via MD