NASA Rover Takes A Selfie On Planet Mars

NASA: Mars Curiosity

These days if humans can do it, best believe robots can too! NASA’s Mars Curiosity celebrated one year on Mars = to 678 days on Earth today by taking a “Selfie”. Many people, including us, wanted to know why the Rover’s arm wasn’t shown in the picture, but after watching the video below it’s clear that this still image is a series of combined pics taken by Mars Curiosity. Besides taking a picture, however, Mars Curiosity was able to dig a whole on the planet which showed compounds that could’ve supported “microbial life” if given the chance to do so. This obviously comes as big news because many people want to know what planets were/are capable of having life existence. Check out the video below, Mars Curiosity has more news on the way as it travels through “in-seasoned” terrain amongst planet Mars!