‘Fire Challenge’ Compilation of Idiots Who Purposefully Set Their Self Ablaze!

During one’s adolescent years, rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover (acetone) , and hydrogen peroxide are among  some of the most flammable liquids elementary students learn to pose great danger when ignited. Because of this, we honestly have no sympathy for idiots who continue to be apart of these new generational “challenges”. Earlier this year we brought you the Neknominate challenge that lead to a series of deaths due to alcohol poisoning. Now in recent time we are back to share one of the newest challenges that stem from this social media generation; the ‘Fire Challenge’. Shown below is a video compilation of America’s best and brightest citizens setting their self ablaze after pouring flammable chemicals on their body. While most of these “geniuses” appear fine on camera, many reportedly are now suffering second-degree burns. Go figure! Brace yourselves because the video below might be top 5 dumbest videos ever recorded. While we hope this ‘Fire Challenge” popularity burns out, we honestly won’t bet against society’s notion to rationalize right from wrong. In fact, if not next week, by next month a new “challenge” will manifest itself to becoming “viral content”.

A generation who has access to various amounts of knowledgeable information (via the internet), however, knows little to no common sense. Pray for this nation!