Rising Artist: Tru Society

truThis week P.O.S. presents up and coming musical artist, Tru Society. After much buzz and browsing on the internet, the artist has definitely grabbed our attention! We were fortunate enough to speak with Tru Society for a quick Q&A:

1) Tell us a little about Tru Society. How did you guys get started? Where are y’all from?

Tru Society started with just us two. We both sat down one day and put our abilities together. It was never a case of us not being serious about what we were doing. I knew Tru had been doing music for years and I’m passionate about building brands, so it just made sense for two people who trusted each other’s work to collaborate. I am from Oak Cliff, Dallas, TX. Not too many people get the opportunity to experience four years in New York, which is my second home.

2) What is the motivation behind Tru Society’s music?

Tru Society came into fruition when we both realized that this world is pretty negative and we have all been brainwashed in a way. Without diving into the political side of things, we believe that a “preset” life is mediocrity at its finest. When I say “preset”, I mean go to school for years at a time (debt), “try” to find a 9-5 job that pays you “living wage,” get a mortgage (more debt), get married (possibly more debt) and “retire”. So cookie cutter and so not what we’re trying to do. So we came together to fight for the lifestyles we desire and publicize that we are doing it, which is to show others it can be done if you want it bad enough. Let me say, there’s nothing wrong with a “preset” life if that’s what you want. However, if you don’t want that life, you don’t have to settle.IMG_2088

3) What is the meaning of the name Tru Society and what are some efforts y’all are taking on becoming known worldwide?

Tru Society sort of stemmed from Tru Def’s name. People probably think it’s really about Tru Def and he will tell you, that it’s not. “Tru” is just a cool and fitting name. Society is really what it means, we want to create a society of positive and encouraging dream chasers (that stuff is infectious!). I love it. Also, we love people, even the ones who may do bad by us. I love to learn about new people, cultures, etc. I think we both just want to leave a positive effect on others.

4) Who is your target audience?

Unfortunately, not everyone will have extreme desires to be successful or elevate their lives and we get that. We are targeting the “go getters,” “dreamers,” “passionate people,” etc. Anyone who is remotely wanting more out of life, there’s room for that energy they may need.

5) When is your next show?

Tru Def has three shows in August. His next event is August 8th. He was called to be a host/performer for a boat party.

6) Anything else you feel people should know about Tru Society? 

Preparation is Key! I love to practice as hard as possible. My goal is to always give my best for the people. They desverve it! Reason being, you never know who is watching. I’m a visionary and I love to give people experiences that they don’t see everyday. This is what a true performer does. It first takes believing in yourself. Never doubt yourself!tru1

Tru Society’s information and most recent project, Crown, can be found via the artist’s website. Check out Tru’s “Holy” video below and let us know what you think! Enjoy.