Nicki Minaj x Anaconda [Official Video]


Welp, by popular demand Nicki Minaj dropped her “Anaconda” video last night. In less than one day, not only did the social media world explode to voice their opinion about the Young Money pop star, but they clearly attributed to the 14.5 Million views now present on her video via VEVO! While we aren’t complaining about the video, we definitely can understand where opposition can stem from. Unfortunately in 2014, these are times millennials are living in; a time where sex sells. Likewise, Nicki Minaj knows her forte and how to market herself because ‘Anaconda’ did  just that. Sampling the famous Sir Mix-A-Lot hit “Baby Got Back”, Nicki Minaj added her own style on this track. Check out the video if  you dare below, let us know what you think!