Ferguson Protesters To Shut Down Highway On Labor Day!


Last Saturday was said to be the largest demonstration of protesters voicing their concerns over the current Mike Brown investigation in Ferguson, Missouri. This peaceful protest was called by community organizers to express their growing concerns over Darren Wilson and prosecutor Robert McCulloch.

At this protest, community organizers were said to call for a “halt” today at one of St. Louis County’ s highway at approximately 4:30PM for a duration of four minutes and thirty seconds. The time, “4:30” is to symbolize the 4 hours and thirty minutes Mike Brown’s body was left in the street after being shot down by officer Darren Wilson.

While we’re unsure how the cops will react to a possible halt of traffic on Labor Day, it’s going to be interesting to see how this protest continues to play out. The fate of this investigation is currently in the hands of the grand jury. Regardless of how many people want to halt traffic, or protest, the decision of 12 people will ultimately decide how this investigation will move forward.