Rising Artist: CosmoBlack Presents ‘GENESIS’ [Official Mixtape]

IG: @cosmo_black
Twitter: @BlackCos_


1) Tell us a little about yourself, where are you from and how’d you come up with the name CosmoBlack?

I’m from Richmond,  VA… and I’m just a young God expressing his talents. The name CosmoBlack….Cosmo, derives from my infatuation with the universe and the knowledge of the connection between us and the cosmos. Black, is short for black-dot which is a term used to label Melanin. Thoroughly research Melanin, my people!

2) At what age did you first experience music and how did that propel you into your current career of making music now?

I experienced music in the womb…my mother danced around with me inside her. I felt here vibrations as she sung her favorite songs…Im sure I was created to some smooth Marvin or something.  As soon as I was born I already had a representation of what music actually was. But I always use to spit (rap), and I always wanted to better myself at it. It wasn’t until I started noticing how my random freestyles were affecting the crowds I was rapping for that I decided to perfect and document my craft;  so EVERYONE can get the CosmoBlack experience.

3) What was your inspiration of creating GENESIS?

Man, I just got tired of wondering if I was as dope as people were saying I was. So I just linked up with a few talented people and documented a work of art. You see, Genesis basically corresponds to the chapter of ‘Genesis’ in the Bible; ITS THE BEGINNING. You can’t start in Matthew or Corinthians to just get your word of blessing and be done. You have to go back, grow with the book as you experience each author’s situation. You must see where the life line of the book has taken us ’til now, and know that in your mind the way one interprets is the way one concludes. In the industry today I feel not enough new artists are going back to the beginnings of HipHop, understanding why the culture started, how it started,  who started it, and so on. In every culture you must always pay homage and respects to the ancestors before you hear their words of wisdom so that you carry on the legacy in the right manner.  We’ve been distracted, but more than that, the one’s who really have the REAL talent don’t get picked up because their music may have the a certain effect on people. This effect  may be hard to control if they (listeners) were given a high enough platform.  BUT yeah……GENESIS is dope yo..


4) In an over saturated “rap game” what do you bring differently that other artists lack or oversee?

My sound is HipHop. I’m just manifesting the interests of today’s audience and combining that with the basic elements of this culture. I can spit a real message in the same song as me encouraging people to wild out and do crazy stuff, yet maintain the same flow and attention that the entirety of the song has expressed. I really love this thing,  I would do this for free. I believe if you find something and your mindset is that intimate to it…then its meant to be.

5) Favorite tracks on GENESIS and why?

FYC, Harmony, and Slow Down Interlude. FYC is just jumpin’ and the message is clear but isn’t so intricate that it wouldn’t be marketable! Harmony is a cool OG laid back my homie Nate found the perfect sample to just vibe out and spit some G. And, Slow Down Interlude because 1. The Part II is gonna flip heads! 2. Deena’s voice carries so much volume. Her words correlate with what I’m talking about in the background of the track. Listen closely!

6) Any words of wisdom for aspiring musicians out there?

Realize what type of audience you want to attract and know what they want to hear, then act on it! Also, research the ancestors of the culture, listen to their interviews and lectures, learn something other than the rewards of this game. Finally, just be a dope person….don’t be a lame….whether you have money or not. I’m the coolest unemployed mofo in the land, but I know I’m going somewhere. I know that whether I have an upcoming or downfall, it’s still a move of progression from where I once was.