Grand Jury Being Investigated Over Tweet Supporting Darren Wilson!

DA Robert McCulloch via STLtoday

A current investigation is being conducted involving the misconduct of the Grand Jury deliberating on the Mike Brown death involving officer Darren Wilson.

According to Washington Post, an incident stemming from the popular social media app Twitter led officials to believe that a Grand Jury member was talking about the pending case outside of the courtroom.

This accusation was brought about by activist @ShaunKing after he viewed the tweet below.

via Washington Post

While this tweet doesn’t necessarily mean @thesusanichols actually knows one of the grand jury members, her actions, however, make this investigation a little interesting. Post Susan Nichol’s tweet, her friends reportedly told her to DELETE her tweet, in which she did so in a quickly manner. A form of guilt? Possibly. Especially in a case that the American public and ACLU have been fed up with for a whopping 55 days and counting without the arrest of officer Darren Wilson.

As stated in my article, The Ugly Truth, Why Darren Wilson Will Most Likely Walk Away Scot-Free, Susan M Nichols’ tweet only validates the point that I was trying to make.


Despite the FACTS presented, or not presented thanks to Robert McCulloch; some of the public and inevitably the Grand Jury believe Darren Wilson is innocent. Because if the Grand Jury members don’t think Darren Wilson is innocent, but still don’t feel the need to punish him, that my friend, is self-hatred toward another race; racism.

Am I saying any of the Grand Jury members are racist? No. Only that individual person or close cronies can truly know how one person thinks. However, when looking at the FACTS, not assumptions of this case, it should be clear as the Cayo Coco waters in Cuba, that Darren Wilson is a guilty man.

Over the next few days, we’ll see how this investigation plays out. If  a Grand Jury member was indeed talking outside of the courtroom, a new Grand Jury will most likely be chosen.