Breaking: Young Male Killed, Shot 16 Times By Off-Duty Cop In St. Louis! [VIDEO]

Crime scene of shooting via Twitter

Just when you thought tensions couldn’t get any greater, the breaking news of an off-duty officer killing a male in his 20s, Vonderrick Meyers , has just surfaced out of St. Louis, Missouri.

The off-duty officer  was reportedly doing a pedestrian check (whatever that means) of 4 young males. According to reports, 4 males fled on foot. One of the accused suspects who fled on foot reportedly turned around and shot at the off-duty cop in which the off-duty officer “fearing for his safety” shot back at the male killing him instantly.


While cops are trying to say the suspect was armed, witnesses are saying the accused suspect only was carrying a sandwich in his pocket. The young man was reportedly shot 16 TIMES! 

If the aforementioned news comes back to the public that the male was indeed unarmed yet killed, levels of unprecedented riots will definitely be sparked across the nation. In a time where many people are still trying to get over the Trayvon Martin case, a pending Mike Brown investigation, and now the death of Vonderrick Meyers, we really don’t expect any peaceful protests to come out of this.

This shooting was said to happen around 7:30PM on October 9th.