Is Jerry Jones Coach Number 2 For The Cowboys ?!

jerry-jones1The cowboys drop to 6-2 after losing 17-20 (in overtime) to the Washington Redskins on Monday night. The fans in Dallas wonder if this is another trip down the injured “Romo Road”. In the past, the Cowboys’ quarterback has been perfect in finding a way to flush all hopes of another championship banner being placed in “Jerryland”. Romo’s play and injuries have left fans with a sour taste in their mouth for many years.

The Cowboys went into Monday night’s game on a 6 game win streak and a 6-1 record. In the third quarter, Romo suffered a hard knee to his surgically repaired back when he was sacked by an untouched Redskin blitzer. As a result of that hit, Romo had to get escorted to the locker room which left a Dallas crowd gasping for air in the same manner.

The game was tied in the fourth quarter, and Romo’s backup (Brandon Weeden) played great to get the ‘Boys back in the game, with two drives that resulted in 10 points. However, Weeden’s reign ceased, when Romo decided that he wanted to go back in the game.

So who does he tell? The trainer? The coach?

The analysts speculate that he told, the owner and CEO of the Cowboys, Jerry Jones.

Most franchise owners stay in the box and watch the game from afar, making their moves in the comfort of their office. Anybody that knows the Dallas Cowboys knows that’s not Jones’ style. NFL on ESPN tweeted this:nflonespnI don’t have any idea why it is acceptable for the owner to be on the sideline having a conversation with the coach in the fourth quarter with the game tied about a personnel decision. An onlooker has to shake his head and say, “only in Dallas.”

The question is why? Why put your injured quarterback in the game when the team is 6-1 on the season? Why risk him taking another hard shot to the surgically repaired back? Why is 6-2 really that bad in a conference, where teams make the playoffs at 8-8? Somebody on the sideline has to do a risk versus reward evaluation. Especially since we know now that there was no reward for the gamble. Hopefully somebody will step up and govern a similar situation better next time.

In the press conference after the game, Romo said he had to get the shot to re-enter the game. There has not been an update to his condition, and to think Jerry Jones would give America one before kickoff next Sunday is comical. Dallas fans can hang their Cowboy hat on one thing. The future success of the best season since 2007 is contingent upon the health of their franchise quarterback Tony Romo.

– B. Brown