Tei Shi x “See Me”

Tei-Shi-BW-1-622x350Whereas Tei Shi‘s last single was a soaring, industrialized offering in “Bassically“, her newest song sounds closer to something that could have appeared on her excellent debut EP from last year, Saudade. While different in both sound and tone, “See Me” is equally as mesmerizing, simultaneously spaced-out and slinky while being intentionally transparent and vulnerable.

An understated guitar gives the song just enough weight to keep Tei Shi’s pleasant, featherlight vocals from floating away as she effortlessly moves between hypnotic synths and muted drum kicks. A go-to collaborator in Gianluca Buccellati, and Dave Bayley (of Glass Animals) help Teicher create a hazy atmosphere that dulls the senses, sluggishly pulling the listener in without much resistance given. After one listen to “See Me”, you realize why it’s so difficult to not get wrapped up in it.

– J Mon.


Upcoming Tour Dates:

11/13 – U Street Music Hall – Washington DC w/ GEMs
11/15 – Babys All Right – Brooklyn NY w/ Yumi Zouma
11/17 – The Drake Hotel – Toronto ON w/ Seoul
11/19 – M For Montreal

ICYMI: “Bassically”


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